there is joy

there is joy

I believe that every moment that we are given and every breath that we take is a gift. A beautiful gift. And every day we have a choice in how we want to use that gift. I love photography and capturing moments for the people in my life. But my goal isn't just to take great pictures; it's to be a blessing to others and to let my light for Christ shine through in all that I do. If I can bless you and your family with images you love and an experience you'll remember, then I've done my job. 

It's pretty simple, really. 
It's my purpose. It's my calling.  
It's what I know I've been put on this earth to do.

I'm Jeni...and I can't wait to meet you!

in every single day


Just a small town girl.

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- I'm obsessed with red shoes
- My iphone 7 is my lifeline
- frogs scare me
- I will do anything for a peppermint mocha
- I've never been on an airplane
- Mountain dew should be a food group

my stories

My personal project, celebrating the love & strength of couples who are fighting cancer.
THESE are their stories.



the BLOG

Wedding vows. The laughter of family hugs. Labor pains and newborn cries. Stories of courage, life, and love.
Find it all HERE.

What I've learned about life, love, and everything in between...
from the man who still inspires me to look for the GOOD in every single day.

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