Welded 2012

april 18, 2018

This couple rocks. Not only were they my first wedding of the year, which is always super exciting…but they have an AMAZING story to boot. Overcoming tragic pasts, these two took their love for each other, and more importantly, their love for God, and created the most beautiful love story together. Combine that with three amazing kids who have overcome obstacles of their own to get to where they are today. All three are incredibly resilient children; full of strength, courage, and the ability to love…and they do it well.

I entitled this post Welded 2012, for a good reason. Ryan loves to weld. He even created the amazing sign below, using it to propose to Anessa! And if that wasn’t enough, he even welded his own wedding ring! Every single thing about this ceremony was so intentional and purposeful; from the beautiful vows they wrote to each other as a family, to the amazing power felt in the room when the entire congregation gathered around them for prayer. Every moment was soaked in God’s amazing grace. If they intended to ensure that their guests felt the power of the Savior’s love in the room that day…they did it well.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of their day…and now, their lives. What might have been a shattered past is now a beautiful future…and for this new family of 5, they’re in it together. I’d say they’re pretty lucky.

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