A Thankful Heart

april 18, 2018

Some people have friends that come into their life for a short time. Some people have friends that come during times of heartache or sadness, to lift you up or help you carry on…and then some friends enter your life for a divine purpose…and change everything.

Eva is one of those friends.

Three summers ago I went through a difficult time in my life and decided to throw myself into something new and exciting…I felt a pull towards photography, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I signed up for a random photography course, bought myself a fun little Canon Rebel Xti, and jumped in with both feet.¬†Around that same time, my friend Eva got engaged to her sweetheart, Dave. ¬†Being a tad broke and a little adventurous, she asked me to shoot some photographs of them for their engagement. I took them out on a HOT August evening, and we shot away. Little did I know…that friend, and that evening, would change my life.

Eva took her photographs to work the next day and showed a few coworkers. A few days later, someone called me to set up an appointment….I freaked out. An appointment? Someone wanted to PAY me for this? They offered me 100 bucks if I’d give it a shot..uh, yes please! Within a few months, I found myself starting a business, one that would end up being one of the sweetest blessings of my life. I was so astounded at God’s plan and thankful for His divine intervention and beautiful timing.

I shot Dave & Eva’s wedding a few months after that, and even shot a few photos for them for their Christmas cards throughout the years that followed. Don’t get me wrong, those milestones were a blast to be a part of…but this one might top them all. In a few weeks, they’ll get to welcome their new sweet baby boy Max into this world. I’m so overjoyed to get to be a part of this precious new life and see these two amazing people turn into incredible parents.

So here’s to my sweet friend, Eva.

If you didn’t already know it….I’m pretty darn thankful for ya.


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