Taking a Leap of “FAITH”

april 18, 2018

I swear, every time I shoot weddings, I become absolutely addicted to them. I end up driving home, on a “wedding high”, thinking…if I could just shoot weddings every day, I’d be one happy photographer.

Part of what makes me love shooting weddings so much, is the fact that I continuously get the most amazing couples…with the most amazing stories. Kyle & Michelle are one of those couples. They met as two young kids, and started dating way back in the good ‘ole days of church youth group. You know, that awkward stage of middle school, where everyone thinks they’re super cool? You better believe it! However…these two actually WERE super cool. And as people and experiences came and went in their lives, their young love stuck…and they’ve been two peas in a pod ever since.

They tied the knot over the beautiful (and HOT!) Memorial Day weekend. Friends and family gathered to celebrate this love, as they turned a sweet friendship into an eternal promise.

Nothing is more beautiful than a vow founded on Christ and His unending love. I was blessed, ┬ájust to be in the presence of it…


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