The Tale of Two Babies

april 18, 2018

These two families are very near and dear to my heart…both are close friends of mine, and both are amazing couples who have overcome incredible challenges together. It was an absolute joy to be able to capture this time in their lives…and to get to snuggle their cute babies, too!

I’ve known this first family, the Champs, for many years, and now get to see them become parents…such a blessing. Laurie and I share a common bond, as we’ve both lost our dads. Their sweet baby boy Reid, much like my Zoey, brings such joy to their lives; but at the same time, a bittersweet feeling, knowing there will always be someone missing from it all. However, they go on, just as I do, with the assurance that this sweet life will carry on their legacies in the best possible way.

I know, for sure, Reid’s grandpa is part of him, and always will be. It was such a joy to get to capture these first few moments of his little life…and I’m so excited to watch him grow up.

Welcome to the world, Reid! We love you to pieces already!

kansas-city-newborn-photographerkc-newborn-photographerkc-mo-newborn-photographykc-mo-newborn-photographynewborn-photographer-kansas-city-missourinewborn-photographer-kansas-city-missourinewborn-kansas-city-photographykansas-city-newborn-family-photographykansas-city-newborn-family-photographyThis next family are also dear friends of mine. Keri and I were roommates during our first few years of teaching, and developed a really strong friendship along the way.  At the time, we were so unsure of our futures, but we were so excited at the possibilities that they held.  She, like me, would spend countless hours dreaming and praying for the mate that God had for her. Several years later, God brought her Curt, the most amazing, selfless, kind-hearted man.

They started a life together, and enjoyed every moment as husband and wife. But they quickly found out that their journey would hold challenges and difficulties that they never thought they’d face. They found out that starting a family wasn’t going to be as easy as they dreamed it would be. They began the arduous journey through infertility, hoping one day to be able to have a baby of their own. Months and months of heartache, pain and loss brought them to this point…the day where they were able to trade in that sorrow for joy.

And they named her Addie.




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