Baby Evelyn

april 18, 2018

Every year I make a goal to blog more…and every year I fail. Oh wait, every year I get married. Or have a baby. Or buy a house. Or do something crazy that takes up every-single-solitary-ounce of my blogging time.

So I think I finally realized something. Wait, TWO things. One, I will blog when I can. And TWO…life will never be less crazy. So, my new goal? Just blog. When I can, when I feel like it. No pressure. No guilt.

So…today I’m blogging. And so excited to be doing it.

I thought I’d start with a recent newborn photo shoot that I did with some dear friends of mine. I’ve known Nick & Carissa since the early days of AOH Photography…I shot their wedding, and have since photographed their beautiful, growing family.

I love walking through life with people, documenting priceless, joyous moments…and this family, in particular, makes it pretty easy.

Congrats Nick & Carissa! And welcome, sweet baby Evelyn!










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