Charlize Turns ONE

april 18, 2018

They got married, they became a family, they had a baby. They suffered losses, they celebrated victories, they overcame hardships.  They wake up, and live their lives in a way that honors those they love. They choose JOY. Every single day.

And through it all, I get to be there.

I get to walk through life with these four amazing people, and there is nothing I love more. This family does, and always will, hold a very special place in my heart, and in my life. They are not clients, they aren’t even friends. They are FAMILY. I could not be more honored to be the one that they’ve chosen to capture the most priceless moments in their lives. And this one takes the cake. Pun intended. Their sweet girl is turning ONE…what a reason to celebrate!

Thank you, Copeland Family…you are the BEST! My heart and my camera are yours.



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