Welcome Sweet Bridger | NEWBORN

april 18, 2018


Last summer, on a particularly tough “mommy day”,  I gathered up the kids and headed outside for a much needed breath of fresh air. Kids, snacks, and strollers in tow, we headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather in our neighborhood. It wasn’t but a few minutes later, that we ran into our sweet, sweet neighbors. In typical Jeni fashion, I began going on and on about how crazy my day had been…and how glad I was that I only had two kids! I laughed and made some flippant comment about how crazy people must be to have three kids. I mean, c’mon. Who would do that?!

I’ll never forget the moments that followed. A sly smile, a little chuckle, and an ornery head nod. You guessed it…she was pregnant. With her THIRD. We laughed and laughed…and then laughed some more. She was pretty content with two kids, just like me. But God had other plans…

GREAT plans.

They came in the form of the sweetest, most beautiful little boy. Bridger Zion.

God, if I haven’t told you lately. You rock.

Because…he’s pretty darn awesome.

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