Sometimes Miracles Come in THREES

april 18, 2018


MIRACLES. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes they come out of the blue, without notice, in the most unexpected of ways. Like when you can’t find your car keys and they “miraculously” show up next to the front door. Or when you find yourself searching for your child in a crowded store, and turn to find them snuggled safely, right behind you. These are what I call the “everyday miracles”.  Sadly, we often dismiss them as a coincidence…as we smile and go on, taking those precious and purposeful blessings for granted.

But sometimes, sometimes you have to wait for miracles. Days, months…even years for them.

Sometimes miracles enter your life with little-to-no effort. I like to call these “blessings in disguise”, because most of the time, we don’t know that we want or need them. Oftentimes, these miracles happen when we search endlessly for what we “think” will make us happy, and then God surprises us with something completely different…something even BETTER, even more fulfilling and wonderful.

But other times, these miracles come after years and years of pleading. Hours upon hours of pouring out your heart to God. Praying and pleading for something to keep you going. ANYTHING to keep you going.

Sometimes miracles come after joy and victory.

And sometimes miracles come after heartache and loss.

Either way, one thing is true. Miracles are a gift. They inspire us to keep going, they remind us that there is something bigger to believe in, that anything is possible. They give us hope.

A few years ago, these two parents were praying for a miracle…but it might not have been the miracle you were thinking. They’d just lost their beautiful son, and their hearts were shattered. A miracle to them, would have meant having him back. Having him in their arms to hold, and to love. But, little did they know, their miracle was coming. It was on its way.

And it arrived. Several weeks ago, in the form of not one…not two…but THREE beautiful babies.

Three reminders of God’s beauty and grace. Three souls to slowly mend the pain of loss.

And three beautiful, precious lives to cherish.

This is the story of what it means to BELIEVE. In miracles.


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