Summer Vineyard Wedding

april 18, 2018

You know what is so refreshing to my soul? Laughter. I love the mere sound of it. I love hearing my sweet kids giggling around the corner. I love hearing wives belly laugh at their husbands’ corny jokes. I love hearing people laugh at themselves. (C’mon, we all do it!)  I just love laughter. Period. After all, there is something so special about it. You can spread joy to others and brighten their day in an instant. You can uplift your children with it, you can erase mistakes with it. You can bless others with it. Just by laughing. Just by breathing life in and letting it out in the form of a smile.

I was blessed to be able to be a part of this gorgeous intimate vineyard wedding last week in Rocheport, Missouri. This couple was amazing, and their love story was so unique, so beautiful. Some people just “fit” together, and there really isn’t any other way to explain it. These two just made sense, in the best possible way. And while I found myself getting caught up in their incredible love story, there was one thing I noticed. All day long.

Her smile. And her laugh.

She didn’t just smile with her mouth, she smiled with her whole face. Her whole body, even. It was refreshing to my very soul. And..a photographers dream. I didn’t just capture posed, beautiful moments. I got to capture REAL, genuine moments. I could have photographed her laughing all day long. She was absolutely stunning.

And the best part? I could just feel the joy just oozing out of her.

It’s pretty easy to say that I loved this day and everything about it. So thankful for the opportunity to get to celebrate with them.

So, sit down, relax, and let me tell you the story of Paul & Katie. And leave refreshed.


Les-Bourgeous-Winery-Wedding-PhotographerLes-Bourgeous-Winery-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographyLes-Bourgeous-Winery-Wedding-PhotographerWaiting in anticipation…Kansas-City-Vineyard-Wedding-Photography…for this moment to arrive! It’s time to celebrate!
Kansas-City-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographyHere comes the gorgeous bride…Kansas-City-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographyAnd the look on his face is priceless.Kansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyKansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyHusband and wife!!!Kansas-City-Missouri-Wedding-PhotographyWe headed out to the vineyards for some intimate bride and groom portraits. These two were a DREAM to photograph!!!Kansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerKansas-City-Missouri-Engagement-Wedding-PhotographerRocheport-Missouri-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographerRocheport-Missouri-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographerRocheport-Missouri-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographerRocheport-Missouri-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographerRocheport-Missouri-Vineyard-Wedding-PhotographerAnd a few bridal portraits while the sun was setting…isn’t she GORGEOUS?Les-Bourgeous-Winery-Wedding-PhotographerLes-Bourgeous-Winery-Wedding-PhotographerAnd one final portrait…such a blast to celebrate with you, Paul & Katie! May you be blessed!!

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