All Is Well

april 18, 2018


It’s a powerful saying. Said by a powerful woman. To a powerful family.

On August 26, 2016, the world lost a beautiful soul. My dear friend Whitney said good-bye to her best friend. Her mama. Her life. Lori Watson threw off the weight of this heavy, broken, world and laid eyes on her beautiful, merciful Savior, the One she had worshipped and followed all of her life. In an instant, she gained a reward that none of us can even fathom. But in an instant, she also left behind a family, broken and aching. Aching to hear her voice, see her smile, hold her hand..just one more time. But instead, only grief remained.

You see, grief is an interesting thing. It can ruin you. It can swallow you whole. It can make you feel like it’s much to painful, even to breathe.

But you know what else grief can do? It can cause you to do beautiful things. To honor the people in your life that you’ve lost. To carry on their memory. To show the world that their love, their soul, their LIGHT…it lives on.

One of the last conversations Whitney had with her sweet mama led her to do just that…a beautiful thing. During some of the last moments of her life, she asked her mom how she could pass on her love and light in this world.

And she said, “People need good shoes. Everyone gives away their old shoes, but people need really good shoes.”

So Whitney didn’t waste any time.

She gathered her family together and they made t-shirts, with the saying “ALL IS WELL”. They sold them. And they gave away shoes to kids in the Kansas City area. LOTS and LOTS of shoes.

Grief. You can either let it break you. Or you can make it count.

We have ONE life. We have ONE chance to make a difference.

Use it.



Lori with her beautiful family, just a month prior to her losing her battle with cancer… 
And here is her daughter, Whitney, sitting in front of over 150 shoeboxes full of shoes to be delivered to kids in the Kansas City area. 

For more information regarding the All Is Well Movement, or how you can get involved, please contact Whitney Williams via her Facebook page . 

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